Our outlets

Rainbow disco one of the most popular club, and those who like to groove to the music, rainbow disco is an idle place, it offers a unique fusion of Indian and techno music, house Dj Neil ensures a rocking evening every day, doors open from 9pm to 2am, dress in your trendiest club wear, if you don’t want to feel out of place, strict door policy apply.

Remember entry is allowed only to those above 21yrs and ids are checked at the gate.


Madonna coffee shop the place is an icon, it offers a short but nice and well maintained selection. it’s a coffee bar with well relaxed atmosphere, Madonna coffee shop offers a full bar and a balanced menu, ultimately there are very few places, so relaxed , with full bar and such a generous schedule , some days its rather packed and can be bit over whelming, otherwise the feel is rather inviting and worth exploring Doors open from 12pm to 12am.


Professional team of international freelance musicians, with loads of experience in live Indian music. Performing from Bollywood film songs - old and new - this amazing Indian live band will deliver the best tailored solution for your special occasion. We give you a truly professional Indian live entertainment, with our dancers in colorful traditional costumes. Make us part of your unforgettable moment. Doors open from 9.00pm to 2.00am.


Anarkali c/s opened with a newly concept, when you walk in and see the ambience it keeps you looking around The decor, the service and the food... everything about this restaurant makes the visit a memorable one. It also has a very cozy atmosphere and a very traditional Rajasthani interior, now giving a brief opinion of the food, well the food cooked in pure Ghee reminds one of his own mother’s food back home in India. With the taste so good, we also serve authentic Kerala dishes but the most surprising were the prices. Well within the range of the average person. Well you can come any time of the day with your family and friends as it is open throughout the day (24hrs).


One of the many things Ethiopia has in abundance is musicians who tirelessly write and sing songs about her beauty and their emotional attachment to her. Their works of musical art describe their love and admiration for Ethiopia and they sing in a way that makes the heart of every individual leap and go terribly emotional. In celebration of the wonderful Ethiopian musicians and their remarkable music for and about Ethiopia, we invite you to listen to our collection whenever you have time for music. This relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere has a variety of live music you can enjoy along with tasty appetizers, sandwiches and dinner platters, be prepared for some serious spice -but the injera (it’s like a sour dough pancake) takes away some of the heat …..And you can always order more. (Door opens from 9pm to 2am )

c/s serves a typical menu of diner food, along with basic coffee. Millennium c/s is a good example of a popular coffee shop that has somewhat transcended the basic 'diner' and though they serve a wide menu of food, they are known in Bahrain for their excellent coffee and service, In terms of service and quality of food Millennium, there is really no need to go anywhere else. The staff is extremely friendly and always happy and accommodating. The food is delicious.